Monday, 28 October 2013

Understanding piles and the remedies to treat it

Piles is a common ailment seen among both men and women population across the world. However, more women are affected by piles than men and this reason behind this observation is not yet known. This disease seen among people belonging to the adolescent age group as well as middle aged group who lead a highly stressed lifestyle.
The medical term for piles is hemorrhoids. It is a situation in which the veins around the lower rectum or the anus become inflamed and swell. It can be simply described as the varicosity of the veins of the lower rectum. Due to the stagnated blood in this region, the veins turn bluish in color. Piles occur due to the increased pressured around the anal opening from external as well as internal veins.
Piles can be either external or internal. Internal hemorrhoids cannot be felt or seen unless they are quite severe. However, the person sees a dark blood discharge from the stool. On the other hand, external hemorrhoids are visible to the naked eye around the exterior part of the anus. External hemorrhoids usually cause a lot of pain but there is no bleeding. In some patients, these inflamed veins burst which results in bleeding.

Though there are various treatments and remedies available for piles, it is usually advised that the person should not heavily rely on medicines to treat them. In many cases, even with the most prolonged and extensive medical treatments, piles may return. Making lifestyle changes, like increasing intake of fiber rich foods and water can eradicate this disease. 

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