Saturday, 20 July 2013

Knowing Piles and Its Best Cure

When it comes to treating piles, it can be said that prevention is any time better than cure. The best way you can prevent yourself from contracting piles is by ensuring you put least stress and pressure on the bottom half. However, there are some hemorrhoids which are caused by certain unavoidable reasons like pregnancy. In such cases, you can follow some remedies to piles cure
First and foremost, you should make some lifestyle changes in your daily routine. If you are most likely seen in body hugging clothes, then it is time to shun those tight clothes for some time and start wearing loose outfits as well as undergarments that do not stick to the body. Also, you should not irritate your anal region frequently by using soft tissues and soft clothes. You may also soak the affected region in warm water for some time. The warm water would reduce the inflammation caused to the blood vessels and thus alleviate the resulting pain.
Petroleum jelly is also known to work wonders on inflamed blood vessels near the affected anal region. You can apply the jelly on the affected area regularly. Apart from this home cures, you also need to make some changes in your diet. You may not be aware of it but your diet could be the real reason why you are suffering from piles. You need to avoid certain kinds of foods like processed foods, oily foods when you are suffering from piles. Water intake should be high and you should also start eating more vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, beans. All foods high in fiber content should be consumed to combat this disease. 

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